Owen + Michelle’s Destination Wedding: Florida USA

It’s difficult to relay the joy that we felt in being invited to photograph the wedding of our close and long-time friends Owen and Michelle who travelled from Cape Town, South Africa, back to Michelle’s home town in South Florida, USA, for their wedding.

The memories of this beautiful celebration will stay with us for the rest of our lives and we are so thankful that we were able to be part of it. These are a few of our lasting memories from the day:

The outpouring of emotion at Owen and Michelle’s first look as all of the logistics and the challenges of arranging an international wedding melted away in the arms of the single person who matters most.

The atmosphere of joy and anticipation before the ceremony as all of the guests gathered in the beautifully laid-out barn and took shelter as a sudden summer downpour passed overhead, followed by the wave of excitement as the rain cleared, the sun came out, and the guests took their seats for the ceremony.

The beauty and depth of the vows that Owen and Michelle had written, and the emotion and sincerity with which they made their promises to each other under the oak trees.

The warmth and hospitality shown by Owen and Michelle’s families as they met and embraced each other for the first time, coming together from around the world to celebrate.

The evening light streaming through the barn doors and illuminating tables full of Owen and Michelle’s smiling guests.

Speeches that perfectly painted the picture of the season leading up to Owen and Michelle’s wedding, the joy, fulfilment and acceptance that they have found in each other, and the love that their closest friends and family have for them.

A packed dancefloor, American-style line dancing, Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert and a sparkling exit!