Julia + Jeran’s Alternative, Boho Celebration

Julia & Jeran had an intimate wedding celebration with friends and family at the remote, seaside village ‘Misty Cliffs’ in South Africa. Julia flew in from Japan and it had been some time since the couple had been together so there was HUGE excitement for their future together. Creative, hand-made and personal touches were such a delight to see at this celebration – from loved ones arranging flowers and food, sharing special words for the couple, and presenting thoughtful gifts. Julia had hand-embroidered the aqua top her mum has worn on her own wedding day, as well as embellishing Jeran’s purple shirt in brilliant green botanicals. We absolutely love it when couples have the courage and individuality to celebrate in their own style like these two did. Despite the icy winds that day everyone enjoyed the expansive views from the house, and the evening ended with guests dancing in front of the enormous fire place!